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Introducing the Abstract Flower Oil Style Mosaic Diamond Painting by Fullcang. Unleash your creativity with this stunning piece that captures the beauty of nature.

Our diamond painting features 100% FullSquare/RoundResin Diamonds with 447 DMC Colors, ensuring exceptional sparkle and vibrant hues. The square-shaped diamonds cover the canvas completely, creating a mesmerizing and refined finish.

This frameless diamond painting is perfect for home, hotel, or office decoration, adding elegance and uniqueness to any space. It also makes a thoughtful and one-of-a-kind gift.

Please note that the painting comes without a frame and needs to be finished by you. Once completed, you can choose to display it as it is or purchase a frame locally for a polished look.

The package includes a roll-up canvas to avoid creases during transportation, a full drill with complete diamond coverage, a printed cloth with a beautiful abstract flower oil style mosaic pattern, and the necessary tools to complete your artwork.

Embark on a creative journey and let the brilliance of diamonds transform a blank canvas into a breathtaking masterpiece. Order your Abstract Flower Oil Style Mosaic Diamond Painting today and experience the joy of diamond painting. (Note: Images for illustration purposes only. Frame not included.)

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